I came to Hungary in 1993, and fell in love. Having failed to learn Hungarian, became an English teacher. See, there is always a silver lining! Still working on the Hungarian…

  1. Hey Adrian, please do carry on with writing this blog! I’d be particularly interested to read about your experience living in Hungary as a British expat and your adventures with the Hungarian language (and Hungarians’ differing linguistic thinking)

    • I hope to, but I had a lot of work commitments in the autumn, from which I’m still recovering! I’m also bogged down in a review of ‘Comrade Baron’ – which I want to sort out before I post. Thanks for the support!

      • Come on, writing a post doesn’t necessarily need a lot of time and effort like that. You could write about small little things, too… Say you realize why your Hungarian students tend to commit particular grammar mistakes in English because of their native language.

      • Yes, it doesn’t have to, but I want to use the blog to sort out my thoughts about Hungary. Initially, I want to write about what I’ve read – hence the title – and then branch into the other things that fascinate me about Hungary: the food, scenery, architecture, relationships, maybe even the politics!

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